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07/23/2016 12:03:35
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[Bismillahnews.in-19-05-12-Chicago-Hyderabad-Syed Taraq Qadri] MIM Party Supremo, Barrister Asaduddin selected Parliamentary Speeches Titled “Representing Indian Muslims” was released at this historic city of Chicago, in the year 2007. Barrister’s Speeches emphasized and highlighted the concept of “Performance Audit” indeed a novel idea.Examining Party’s 50 Years Availing my presence in this performance, in the form of questionnaire on the touch stone of “Performance Audit” that too in the background of MIM being an ally, repeatedly with the ruling dispensation, in the State of Andhra Pradesh, is the focus of this exercise.

It is a happy coincidence that Andhra Assembly’s Floor leaer, Janab Akbaruddin Owaisi was welcomed by Chicago Hyderabadi Community this Month on 27th April 2012 at North Shore Banquet Hall city. I venture to stand up with all humility at my command, to focus Party’s performance and Floor Leaders Chicago Speech, solely with corrective intent, conseq- uently popularizing party amongst masses, resulting in serving state and community in a better way. I affirm that I am not a member of any political party nor belong to any group. My thrust and desire is betterment of community and the state.

Towards that goal, I have always endeavored, that is the reason I was successful in getting bank facilities to Darussalam Education Trust in 1984 – 85, when they were in dire need specially upon Court orders, when existing bankers of DET declined to extend the said facility. Thus my cooperation always extended for constructive purposes. My services as member of state Minorities Commission is reflective of urge of serving the community and state.

1. Whether it is a fact that since independence recurringly, there is a meager allocation of annual budget for welfare of minorities? This year for 2012 - 2013, 0.34% of States budget amounting to Rs. 300 Crores was allocated towards Minorities Welfare Constituting 12% of States Population. Whereas Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe constituting 16.19% and 6.59 of total population have been allocated Rs. 2357 Crores and 1230 Crores respectively.

a.Whether it is also a fact that this meager allocation of 0.34% of States Budget is also not spent fully due to non supervision of Muslim Representatives in Assembly and other fora. Whereas allocated budget of Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes is spent fully since Independence? What steps have MIM Leadership taken to correct this anomaly and the results thereof?

2. Whether it is a fact that in the light of Government constituted Commissions such as Puttuswamy Commission, Justice Sacchar Committee and Justice Ranganath Misra Commission, State Government provided 4% reservations to Muslims Vide G.O. Ms. No. 213 of 2007? ground realities continue to haunt and deprive Muslims of their due share, in all spheres of activities as reflected by

Despite said G.O. 230 Lecturers appointed in Osmania University in the Year 2007, June,

a. not a single Muslim lecturer gets appointment.

b. 250 Contract Lecturers appointed by Commissioner Collegiate Education, Nampally, Hyderabad not even one percent jobs given to Muslims. 

c.Urdu Arts College located in a portion of Late Salahuddin Owaisi’s Residence at Himayatnagar, Hyderabad denied permission to fill up 7 vacant posts of Urdu Medium Lecturers, since 14 long years, affecting students academics and endangering closure of college, whilst Vivek Vardhani College, New Science College, Drupatunga College, all located in Hyderabad granted permission to fill up existing vacancies of lecturers in their colleges.

d.That Muslims get less than 1.4% of 60 Lakhs acres of land distributed to poor and landless since Independence. Consequently Muslims deprived of their share in Rs. 1600 Crores earmarked for development of distributed Land under Indra Prabha Scheme and Bhooyagnam, thereby causing loss to Muslims both in cash and land.

3. Whether it is a fact that under Prime Minister 15 Point Program JNNURM, Rs. One Thousand Crores were released to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) for constructing and distributing houses for poor, with a stipulation of distributing 15% houses to Muslims. Eighty Thousand Houses has so far been constructed and distributed. Muslims got hardly 1% in place of 15%, despite MIM being in a ruling position in GHMC?

a. Is it a fact that Whether JNNURM Housing scheme taken up under Prime Minister 15 Point Program in Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada Municipal Corporation with cash grant of Rs. 1000 Crore Each, Muslims got half a percent against 15% Share? 

4. Whether MIM has ever questioned Governments action of not nominating a single Muslim Member to 159 Government Constituted Corporations Committees and academies?

5. Whether it is also a fact that State Minorities Commission, Minorities Finance Corporation, Urdu Academy, where Muslims are usually nominated are not constituted since the Year 2009?Is it a fact that MIM have not raised their voice against this discrimination?.

6. Whether it is a fact that questionnaire has filed Writ Petition No. 11612 in the year 2011, for constituting State Minorities Commission? Government having filed an Affidavit in December 2011 in Hon’ble High Court of Constituting Commission, within three months, have failed to constitute yet.Hon’ble High Court while expressing its displeasure on 16th April 2012 has fixed hearing date in June 2012?

7. Whether it is a fact that politicians, ulemas, mashayekheens and muttawallies nexus exists in disposing off wakf lands and in violating wakf Act in matters of Leasing out Wakf Properties? 

8.Whether it is a fact that successive State Governments in Andhra Pradesh, has sold off Wakf Lands contravening Wakf Act and Hon’ble Supreme Courts ruling that Wakf Properties can neither be sold nor purchased?

9.Whether it is a fact that former Wakf Minister Sri Mohammed Ali Shabbir provided Justification for selling off Wakf Properties by quoting that Congress Government sold 100 Acres of Wakf Land for Rs. 427 Crores, while Telugu Desam Government Sold 729 Acres of Wakf Land for 16.40 Crores?

10. Whether it is a fact that Janab Akbaruddin Owaisi instead of raising his voice to protect Wakf Properties has made obnoxious demand that if monopoly houses provide 15 to 20% Jobs to Muslims, Wakf Lands can be sold to them?  implemented will in due course of time wipe out the existence of Wakf Properties in State? Whether it is true that if Mr. Owaisi’s suggestion is implemented will in due course of time wipe out the existence of Wakf Properties in State?

11. Whether it is a fact that Janab Akbaruddin Owaisi’s Statement of selling off Wakf Properties to Monopoly houses subject to they providing 15 to 20% Jobs to Muslims was published in Eitamed daily Dated : 30th November 2007, Friday’s Publication?

12. Whether it is a fact that Principal Secretary, Minorities Welfare Department Shri Mohammed Ali Rafath, IAS in an interview to HMTV News Channel, 3 Months back has said that present Wakf Board Members are acting as brokers, in matters of Wakf Properties? What action MIM has taken or Propose to take, since most of Wakf Board Members belong to MIM Party,  and majority of wakf properties sold to private parties falls in MIM LEADERSHIP’S jurisdiction, such as TOLI MOSQUE 25 acres KADOODGIRI MOSQUE 5 acres lands,etc? and

13. What is the Party Policy of MIM with regard to Wakf Properties?

14. Whether it is true that Secretary Minorities Welfare Sri Mohammed Ali Rafat, IAS was transferred at MIM behest to other Department, to avoid enquiry against loss of Crores of Rupees to Wakf Department? Whether IAS Cadre Rules of 1954, Rule 7(a) Prohibits transfer of IAS Officers, within two years of their posting, whereas he was transferred within 7 months of his posting?

15. Whether it is a fact that Government to coerce and control officials, have filed a police complaint against departmental surveyor of Wakf Properties for the First time in State history and Muslim leaders preferred silence, to registering protest?

16. Whether it is a fact that 4 Senior I.A.S. Officers were transferred from Wakf Board and Minority Welfare Department between 2005 and 2008 for their non-cooperative attitude in disposing off wakf lands and MIM Preferred to remain silent?

17. Whether it is a fact that Wakf Properties are manned by 230 Employees of Wakf Board. Whereas Tirupati Devasthanam have 2500 and Hindu Endowment 1400 Employees. Whether MIM had anytime in past represented to State Government for increasing Staff Strength? If so, the results thereof?

18. Whether it is fact that during the year 2004 to 2009 Wakf Files of 7 Districts wherein land estimated to cost of Rs. 1,000 Crores got lost. Surprisingly Wakf Board’s management during the relevant period was under MIMs Management?

19. Whether it is a fact that all 23 Districts Wakf Properties details were displayed on Wakf Boards Website to safeguard Wakfs interest? Is it also a fact that, abruptly details of Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad and Secunderabad were deleted to facilitate land grabbers and deprive Muslim Community their asset.? Whether issue of removal of wakf properties details ever raised by MIM leadership?

20. Is it a fact that 400 Years Old Two Qutub Shahies Mosque of Old City of MIM, Member of Parliament and Floor Leaders Jurisdiction namely masjid Balapur, Barkas and Masjid Moghal Faqeer, Vattepally, Hyderabad, were dismantled in February 2012, and 2009 respectively by Party sympathizers and abutting land admeasuring Acres 38-00 with each mosque worth about One Hundred Cores was sold off, without a murmur of protest by MIM?

21. Whether it is a fact that dismantlers of Mosques were bestowed respectability by claiming that dismantlers were constructing new mosques in place of old dilapidated Mosques? Whether permission both from GHMC under Sections 428, 429, 433 and no objection from Wakf Board for dismantling and constructing new mosque is essential? What action have both GHMC and Wakf Board taken under relevant Acts when presently MIM is in control of Managing both GHMC and Wakf Board?

22. Whether it is a fact that moss and shrubs have come up on Mecca Masjid roof, Hyderabad. Cracks have developed leading to percolation of Rain Water, endangering Heritage Structure, Toilets are unusable, Moazzan Abdul Rasheed expired on 26th November 2011 and no replacement is done affecting services?

23. Whether it is a fact that Hon’ble Minister Ahmedullah, 3years back through press notification announced increasing of Nazrana to Imams, leading Tarawi Prayers. Announcement remains unimplemented till date and MIM in stoic silence?

24. Whether it is a fact that State Government of Andhra Pradesh, has sanctioned Rs. 15 Crores and released Rs. 3 Crores, in August 2011.Despite lapse of seven months, amount of Rs. 3 Crores lying unspent, finance Department have taken back amount, resulting in facilities not being provided to prospective haji’s? Who is responsible for this lapse and whether MIM have raised this issue in Assembly?

25. Whether it is a fact that Rs. 18 Crores fraud took place in Old City division of GHMC in the last two years. Councilors, Engineers and Contractors nexus have swindled away Rs. 18 Crores meant for providing civic amenities? Whether it is a fact that vigilance enquiry is under progress regarding this fraud?

26. Whether Mafia culture is being promoted in Old City, by activities such as Land grabbing, dismantling of Mosque and selling off abutting Wakf Land, gambling, street fights and private money lending at exorbitant interest? Woman being pushed to death from Historic Charminar Structure for her family members unable to pay interest money? Is it true that as per police record, all 7 constituencies of MIM registers more number of mafiya activities, than all other assembly segments Of Andhra.?

26a. How would MIM party explain Mr. Kazim Pasha’s repeated commutation of rigorous imprisonment vide G.O. Ms. No. 78, Dated: 24-04-2007 and G.O # 193 Dated: 27-7-2011 and reconcile the fact of supporting the then councilor mr. Zafar phalwan, on he misbehaving with mr Kazam pasha? Is It that this change is the result of Mr Kazam pasha  toeing present policy formulations of new leadership now? What explanation for jumatulvida episode, wherein both MOULANA AQIL’s group and MR SALAHUDDIN’s group threw chappals & abused each other in Mecca Masjid premises in year 1963 & subsequent comradeship in the year 2002? What has the Millat achieved out of the new fond partnership? How will Party   further explain nomination of Mr. Raheemuddin Ansari as Chairman Urdu Academy in the year 2006, despite pending FERA Cases, throwing of filth on Editor Siasat Mr. Zahed Ali Khan, beating Mr Amjad Ali KHAN Chairman Nizam Charitable Trust & Dr Hyder Khan Chairman, Islamic World Bank, burning of Munsif News Papers in City in the Year 2008 and misbehaving with Editor Rahnuma-e-Deccan Mr. Vikhar Pasha, all to create fear psychosis amongst muslims, to choke & muzzle dissenting voices? 

27. Whether it is a fact that 900 Rowdy Sheets were opened in last two years in Old City Hyderabad area. 90% of these Rowdy Sheeters are Muslims. As per Law, Rowdy Sheets are to be reviewed every six months by Police Authorities and decision to continue or close, the Rowdy Sheet is to be taken. There has been practically no review exercise of Rowdy Sheeters since last ten years leading to Whilst Muslim Leadership remains silent? Muslim Youths future getting effected,

28. Whether it is a fact that G.O. Ms. No. 233 dated: 11-07-2007 stipulates Fee of Rs. 5.00 Lakhs per year for granting admission to MBBS Course to NRI Students. admission Fee of Rs. 5,85,000 to Post Graduation Medical Courses for NRI  Students ? Whether it is also a fact that $6000 Fee is fixed for NRI Students admission to B.E. courses vide G.O 76 dt 13 Aug,2010? Is it a fact that Supreme Court judgment in TMA Pais case directs that admissions be regulated i.e. press notification calling for applications, scrutinizing and granting admissions upon merit which is never followed resulting in exploitation of NRI’s? Whether notification to MBBS course for the year 2010 in Deccan Medical

29. College was published in TELUGU newspaper but not in Urdu Newspapers of the State, not even in EITEMAD Daily, the mouth piece of MIM ,which is published from the precincts of Darussalam. Whereas regulations demand publication of admission notification in Urdu newspaper too?

30. Whether reports of NRI students admissions finalised by both Owasi brothers every year in America, Europe and Middle eastern countries in their trips is true? Similarly G.O. Ms. No. 167, Dated: 15-06-2011 Stipulates student’s reports of NRI  students admissions finalised by both

31. Whether it is a fact that educational institution run under MIM Management are collecting donations with impunity.  Management is a silent spectator leading to harassment and exploitation of students and their wards? Government in connivance with Management is a silent spectator leading to harassment and exploitation of students and their wards?

32. Whether it is a fact that Wine Dealers in the State were booked and Criminal Cases instituted, putting them behind bars for selling wine over and above maximum retail price in January 2012. Whether it is a fact that Government is turning a nelsons eye on the illegal donation being collected for admission to professional courses since year 1984 onwards and also for denying both teaching and non teaching staff their entitled pay?

33. Whether it is a fact that about Rs. 10.00 Crores is lying unclaimed by MIM in State Bank of Hyderabad, Mallepally Branch, and Hyderabad? This sum relates to donation amount collected and deposited earlier, depriving Muslims accruing financial benefits.?

34. Is MIM willing for public enquiry committee, to enquire from students admitted to professional courses about donations collected from NRI, Management and Convener Quota Students?

35. Is it a fact that with only 80% teaching and non teaching sanctioned staff strength, Deccan Medical, Engineering, Pharmacy and other Professional Colleges, are functioning, leading to fall In educational standards of students? 

a. Is it a fact that employees of these colleges both teaching and non teaching staff are not given pay scale of AICTE and MCI?

b. Is it a fact that AICTE 6th Pay Scale fixes a monthly salary of Rs.1,01,000.00 to Principals, Rs. 98,000.00 to Professors, Rs. 79,000.00 to Assistant Professor and Professional colleges are supposed to pay as per the affidavit submitted by these colleges,?

36. Is it a fact that Deccan Medical and Engineering College Trust have obtained permission to establish and run these colleges by filing an Affidavit that they will charge admission fee and pay salary to staff as per Government Orders? 

a.Is it also a fact that admission fee of students sufficiently meets entire expenditure of colleges, and generates surplus amount for maintenance and research activities, as per the AFC committee constituted by the State Government?

37. Is it true that due to abnormal delay in finalizing admissions to MBBS Courses in year 1991 purely for extraneous(donation) reasons, entire academic year of students was lost, while admissions in all Government Colleges were in time?

38. Is it a fact that State Government have released white paper on 16th October 2003, highlighting blunders committed in Medical College admissions by ignoring merit for year 2003 - 2004. The Hon’ble Supreme Court on 27th October 2003 has left to the State Government to take action with regard to irregular admissions taken thereafter due to hand in glove policy of State Government and MIM, thereby affecting Muslim Students prospects? No action is reported to be taken thereafter due to hand in glove policy of State Government and MIM, thereby affecting Muslim Students prospects?

39. Is it a fact that in academic year 2006- 2007, 33 seats out of 45 seats of Management Quota of MBBS Course were given to Non Muslims, whereas leadership declaration speaks about safeguarding Muslim interest, thus actions contradictihg public declarations?

40. Is it true that Deccan Medical College was given crores of rupees and machinery by Islamic World Bank, Philanthropists World Wide, as donation and charity? Is it true that for machinery donated by NRI’S to Medical college ,Indian Customs Department have given exemption initially? Is it also true that upon findings of machinery not being used for declared purpose of charity, custom department have imposed heavy penalty. By spending several Lakhs legal Fees Management is fighting Customs Case? 

41. Is it a fact that absence of required ventilators, disabilators and other basic medical equipments in Owaisi Hospital have led to loss of human life ?

42. Is it a fact that Hospital Chairman Late Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi seeking treatment 4 times, and breathing his last in Care Hospital, speaks of his confidence in his established hospitals.?

43. Is it also a fact that Floor Leader and Hospitals Chairman Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi initially admitted to Owaisi Hospital was compelled to be shifted to Care Hospital in view of lack of medical facilities, although MCI Act & regulations mandates for keeping investigative equipment in the hospital? Whether non-keeping of equipment affects academics & clinical training of  students, thereby does disservice to the community & the state, by churning out substandard Doctors?

44. Is hospital Management willing to allow delegation of American Doctors to inspect Hospital for verification of existence of required Medical Equipment, teaching staff and facilities ?

45. Whether it is a fact that Charminar Bank Liquidator Smt. Kiran Mai was transferred within few of months of her postings and Sri Venugopal appointed Liquidator, in order to help sitting MIM MLA Sri Afsar Khan whose properties were attached in default of repaying bank loan, put to sale by Smt. Kiran Mai?

46. Whether it is a fact that Financial Figures spelt out by Floor Leader in his speech both at Chicago and Jeddah regarding loans given to Muslims do not tally with the annual report of Darussalam Cooperative Bank?

47. Whether it is true that Reserve Bank of India in its comment regarding Darussalam Cooperative Bank loan lending policy commented that this Bank does not lend to petty sectors i.e. vegetable & fruit sellers, push carts, Auto/Taxi drivers, WHEREAS deposits its money in other banks and earns interest? YET,we hear leadership SPEAKS ABOUT POOR  COMMON MUSLIMS OF THE STREET!

48. Whether year wise audited balance sheet of Darussalam Cooperative Bank, along with the list of debtors have been loaded on website for confirming veracity of floor leaders statement about banks lending, as discrepancies exist in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and Chicago speech of Mr. Akberuddin Owaisi?

49. Whether it is a fact that in Sangareddy, Medak District and Sayeedabad Locality of Hyderabad City 60 Motorcycles were burnt, shops and kiosks numbering 180 were looted and burnt this month, 50 Muslim Youth were arrested in Sangareddy and 40 in Hyderabad City, whereas totally ten Hindu Youths were arrested and booked under Lighter Section ,for both the  incidents?

50. Whether it is a fact that majority of Muslim Youths arrested in Hyderabad hail from Floor Leaders and Mr. Balala, MLA’s constituency who have worked against MIM Candidates in 2009 General Elections?

51. Whether it is a fact that MIM Supremo in a Statement Published in Hindustan Times Dated: 4th September 2007 stated that Shahid Bilal was responsible for Bomb Blasts in Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad ? Is It a fact that CBI is struggling for apprehending culprits involved in Bomb Blast till date, whereas Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi in the year 2007 could come up with  findings about Shahed Bilal’s involvement? is it a fact that Mr. Asaduddin have asserted that he & his family is on the hit list of Shahid Bilal?

52. Whether it is a fact that issue of compensation to victims of police excesses was never raised on the floor of assembly during year 2007 to 2011 as evidence by bulletins of assembly i.e Assembly record?

53. Is it not a fact that Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi’s Statement regarding Shahid Bilal’s involvement in Mecca Masjid Bomb Blast have given handle to police to arrest, detain and torture Muslim Youth ?

54. What is MIM stand regarding separate Telangana State ? Whether it is true that five contradictory opinions were spelt out by party’s Supremo within a span of ten days, with regard to formation of Separate Telangana State, exposing party’s confused approach on a 56 Years Old contentious Telangana Issue ?

55. Does MIM Party’s assertion and Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi Chicago Speech that Telangana Hindus are basically communal and formation of Telangana State will result in Communal Violence, grave injustice and doomed Muslims, is supported by Material facts? If so! How would leadership explain glaring injustice and denial of rights to Muslims in the supposedly  Judicious and non communal role of Andhras for the past 56 Years?

a. Muslims forming 42% work force strength in Government Jobs at the time of formation of Andhra State are drastically reduced to 1.75% at present. Muslims annual welfare budget recurringly remains less than 0.34% of

b. States Budget despite being 12% of State Population.

c. Muslims gets 1.4% of 60 Lakhs Acres Distributed. Minority welfare department in Andhra Pradesh Secretariat and numerous

d. other bodies relating to minority affairs made rudderless, deprived of sanctioned staff strength, infrastructure and funds ,as reflected by state minorities welfare department devoid of 35% sanctioned staff strength, state minorities commission 60%,state wakf board 50% and minorities finance cooperation 40%.

e. Injustice in all government welfare schemes such as JNNURM,INDRA PRABHA SCHEME,BHOOYAGNAM, continues un-abated for Muslims beneficiaries without any corrective action being initiated.PRIME MINISTER 15 POINT PROGRAMME

F. Government Urdu medium schools numbering 1008 in the year 1947 stands drastically reduced to 533 as on date, that too Functioning with 50% sanctioned staff strength.

g. State Government though declaring urdu as official language of 15 districts without any consequential action under the relevant declarations, amounts to deception.

56. Is it a fact that 1100 Acres of Wakf Land for New Shamshabad Airport 1654.32 Acres of Dargah Hussain Shah Wali RA, 5300 Acres of Dargah Ishaq Madani Vizag and Dargah Maqdoom Mohiuddin RA 1600 Acres estimated to cost Rs. 30 Thousand Crores was sold off by Andhra Pradesh Government to 95% Andhrites, thus depriving Muslims of their Wakf Assets while leadership sleeps?

57. Is it a fact that Mr. Lanco Rajgopal purchaser of Hazrath Hussain Shah Wali Wakf Lands was provided escort by MIM Volunteers on his visit to Old City, Hyderabad. Later on Sri Rajgopal was also provided lunch facilities at Falaknuma Police Station by MIM MLA Janab Balala on his arrest? How would MIM explain this intimacy in the backdrop of Mr. Rajgopals action of damaging Wakf institutions systematically?

58. Is it a fact that Mr. Lanco Rajgopal in a statement issued in January 2012 said that separate Telangana State will result in Telangana becoming hotbed of ISI Activities ?

59. Is it also a fact that Floor Leaders Chicago speech talks about Separate Telangana State will result in B.J.P. increasing its strength and getting powerful ? How would MIM Leadership explain contradictions of both the Stalwarts of respective party’s statement on a crucial issue of State Formation ?

60. Is it true that Sri Lanco Rajgopal and all other MIM Party’s affiliated Wakf Board Members took breakfast at the residence of Former Wakf Minister Sri Mohammed Ali Shabbirs official residence, Prior to Wakf Board Chairman’s election ? what role has Sri Lanco Rajgopal to play in the formation of Wakf Board, that he participated in breakfast meeting prior to boards election?

61. Is it a fact that 1.5 Lakhs Government Jobs in Telangana are filled up by Andhrites. Will the Formation of Telangana will result in creation of 1.5 Job vacancies? Muslims constituting 18% of population in Telangana State will get 18000 Jobs, provided Muslim leadership is sincere and dedicated!

62. Is it a fact that despite Human Rights Commission direction dated April 2008 to D.G.P ,C.B.C.I.D to enquire into the matter of police excesses post Mecca Masjid bomb blast and submit a report to government within 6 months and giving government 2 months time to act upon the said report? Enquiry by C.B.C.I.D have not begun yet despite lapse of about 3 years?

63. Whether it is a fact that State Minority Commission submitted its report and recommendations in September 2007 and December 2008 to Hon’ble Chief Minister regarding Police excesses on innocent Muslims Youth Post Bomb Blast, Vitoli – Bhainsa communal riots, wherein seven Muslims were burnt alive. on 28th October 2008?whether it is true that said reports  were neither placed on the floor of Assembly, as required under law nor any action taken with regard to Vitoli massacre , reflecting Andhrites led Government attitude towards life, limbs and property of Muslims and MIM’s Contributory Role ?

64. Whether burning of Muslims  shops from Moazamjahi Market till Fatehmaidan took place in year 1984 and curfew imposed in Hyderabad city for 46 days? 

65. Whether it is a fact that Mujahid Saleem Son of Moulana Abdul Aleem Islahi was fired and killed by Gujarat, ACP Narender Ameen, right in front of Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad on 31st October 2004. Narender Ameen was neither arrested nor police investigation completed till date despite lapse of 8 years and MIM’S leadership presence?

66. Whether it is a fact that Sohrabuddin and his wife Kousar Bee of Gujarat were arrested and killed in a false encounter with the help of A.P. Police Officials?

67. Is it a fact that presently Moulana Naseeruddin two sons are in Jail one in Maharashtra and the other in Madhya Pradesh Jail?

68. Is it a fact that 105 Andhra Pradesh muslim boys arrested for communal offences are in Gujarat Jail since 1984 though 50 released on Court Judgement but still 55 languishes in Jail?

69. Whether it is a fact that 60 Motor Cycles of Muslims were burnt in Sayeedabad area of Hyderabad and Muslims attacked, yet 50 muslims boys and 10 hindus were arrested ?

70. Whether it is true that police investigations led to Hindu fundamentalists hand in throwing cows meat and parts in temples in sayeedabad communal violence ?

71. Whether it is true that majority of Muslims boys arrested in Sayeedabad Communal incidents belong to Floor Leader Janab Akbaruddin Owaisi and Mr. Balala’s Constituency for having worked against MIM Candidates in year 2009 General Elections ? Is it a fact that both Mr Asaduddin and Akbaruddin Owasi preferred to remain in Europe and America ,at a time  when communal riots and arrest of Muslim youth was taking place in Hyderabad?

72.whether it is a fact that chancellor Jamia Nizamia Hyderabad Mr Syed Akbar Nizamuddin despite being unqualified to hold the said post continues for 20 long years ,under MIM patronage, there by effecting acadamics and administration of  Jamia. Reciprocally Mr Akbar Nizamuddin who happens to be a trustee of DET and Chaiman Darussalam Cooperative Bank,conducts interviews of prospective professional students collect donations in Medical, Engineering and other  streams, thereby plays contributory role in committing injustice to meritorious muslim students?

73.Is it not a fact that Jamia Nizamia comlex at abids Hyderabad under construction since more than last five years stands incomplete and prospective tenants(book vendors)having advanced deposits demand refund of their deposits? Is it due to infighting,that Jamias commercial complex at Abids  remains incomplete resulting in financial loss to Jamiya? 

74. Is it true that two major girls miss Mahjabeen and Hajera were beaten up by male students at the instigation of jamias tutors .FIR 33/2007 dated 9 february 2007 was lodged and a complaint was also registered with the women commission on 14 february 2007.MIM’s involvement hereto led to inaction by authority?

75. Are report’s that Saber Gulshan nearby Mehdipatnam ring road Hyderabad, Waqf property of Mr Syed Akbar Nizamuddin being developed by laying roads, drainage and street lighting done under MP Mr Asaduddin and MLA constituency fund, meant to provide public facilities, are true? How will leadership justify this spending , when these amounts are to be spent on providing civic amenities?

76. Whether is it a fact that despite having large number of muslim post graduates and graduates(professional colleges established in year 1984),yet MIM leadership prefers to distribute party tickets in elections to non matriculates and non graduates, taking into considerations MIM Party’s functionaries educational qualifications thereby depriving muslim community benefit of educated leadership ?

77. Whether is it true that thrashing of Doctors of Nilofer hospital and women maternity hospital Hyderabad in march 2008, by two MLA’s of MIM Mr Afsar khan and Mr Ahmed Pasha Quadri, have resulted in Doctors goining on strike for a month depriving poor and needy medical treatment and death of several poor kids?

78.Is it a fact that late moulana Aquil Husami,Moulana Qutubuddin Hussaini Sabari, branded as traitors, Informers of government, anti Muslim forces nick-named as international faqueer, Shutar Muragh, Firqa Rikabiya ,74th firkha and many more mashayeekheen of Khazipura,Tameer-E-Millat,Jamat-E-Islami were derogatory epithets which cannot be published?

79. Whether the above mentioned individuals and organizations apologized for their alleged anti Muslim activities or MIM Party have willingly approved their actions, hence took them in MIM fold, by making Mr Raheemuddin Ansari Chairmen Urdu Academy and Mr. Syed Akbar Nizamuddin trustee of DET?

80. Is it true that the above mentioned individuals and organizations succumbed to MIM blackmail, hence willingly became hostage, mortgaging their skills? Else how would MIM explain FERA cases against Moulana Aquil and Mr Raheemuddin  Ansari being not proceeded with by government, since past several years yet appointed as chairman of State Urdu Academy?

81. Is it true that under the garb of Milad-un-Nabi’s celebrations, purely for political purposes crores of rupees are collected and hardly 5% collections spent thus making religious occasion a collection event? 

82.Whether it is a fact that large number of Muslim girls are performing court marriages with Non-Muslim boys as reflected by ever increasing registration figures either because of their parents inability to pay huge dowry amounts or lack of religious knowledge? How was the milad’s celebrations occasion utilized to fight this and other evils of society, visa vis attaining political mileage. Is it a fact that 42 muslim girls married non-muslim boys under SPECIAL ACT IN SUB-REGISTRARS Golconda SUB-REGISTRAR’S OFFICE, Hyderabad?

83. Is it a fact that reports that 100 muslim girls of old city of  Hyderabad are affected by aids?

84. Is it a fact that Times of India survey report published 3 months back, speaks of Fatima Nagar, vattepally and Acchireddy Nagar localaties, all with in MIM, M.P.& MLA’S Jurisdiction, at a distance of 3 K.M. FROM jame-Nizamiyan, 5000 muslim girls adopt prostitution for families sustenance?

85.Whether Islam permits blocking of roads, illuminating city with illegal electrical connections, there by making younger Muslim generation thieves, disrupting normal life causing inconvenience to non-muslims in the name of Milad-un-Nabi, Whose Revered Authority and teachings have instilled, discipline and justness, in every walk of life.

86.Is it true that politically backed Milad processions in turn have led to emergence of Hanuman Jayanti and Ramnaumi processions in city which very often lead to communal clashes?

87.Is it a fact that inmates of orphanage Anees-ul-ghurba live in pathetically unhygienic, dilapidated building without proper education facilities although orphanage with fixed deposits of 2.5 crores remain unutilized since past several years due to lack of interest of Muslim leadership?

87. Whether it is a fact that 40% University teaching staff numbering 100 was appointed in violation of Moulana Azad National University Act in Hyderabad, depriving Urdu Medium post graduates their jobs, whilst MIM leadership preferred to remain silent on this grave injustice?

88. Whether it is a fact that majority of Ulemas and Mashayakheen fearing adverse reaction from MIM, Fail in discharging their duties, thereby depriving community of their guidance?

89. Whether Islamic teachings focuses on development of an individual,a family or the entire Ummah ?If so how is it that an individual entering politics without owning a personal house, is listed now amongst richest families of India, whilst 5000 Muslim women take up prostitution for their families sustenance in Hyderabad?

90. Whether it is a fact of Islamic History that -an old lady stands up to question Caliphate Syedina Omer RA,while he was delivering a sermon, on the size of expensive cloth Khalifa was wearing? Syedina Omer R.A. asks his son Abdullah to answer that ladies question. Abdullah ^RA clarifies that he too was given a share from the booty, which he has presented to his father Syedina Omer ^RA. When highest dignitary of Islam, Khalifa can be questioned publicly and Khalipha responding convincingly, sets an example for his followers, offers an insight to public leadership claiming to follow Islamic teachings of accountability and introspection. Islamic history is replete of many such Instances of questioning by Ummah .Hope present leadership too follows this practice of questioning by Ummah. Instead of dubbing questionnaires as agent of anti Muslim forces ,is it not beneficial both for the community and leadership to maintain transparency by convincingly responding to questionnaires rather than nicknaming and ridiculing them, thus strangulating dissent which has been the hallmark of all dictators? Trust younger leadership prefers democratization process!

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SYED TARAQ QUADRI Advocate, General Secretary, Soofi Academy & Former Member A.P. State Minorities Commission India. [ For further queries questionnaire can be contacted at syedtaraqquadri@gmail.com ]


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