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07/23/2016 3:52:51
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UP Madrasa Talimi Board: 2012 Examinations under the Old Pattern Cancelled.Now to be Held under the New Pattern.

[Bismillahnews.in-28-11-11-New Delhi] The exams for Munshi/Maulve, Alim, Kamil and Fazil, slated to be held in 2012 under the old pattern of courses, have been cancelled at the fag end of the session and the examination forms submitted by the candidates up to the last date rejected. This is believed to have been done at the behest of the State Government which took note of the opinion of some madrasa people who were opposed to holding these examinations under the old pattern.The decision has caused much consternation and inconvenience to the madrasa students as time is very short for preparing the new additional courses.

The UP Madrasa Teachers Association moved the Allahabad High Court to get a stay on this decision but the Court upheld the Board’s move.

The Registrar of the Madrasa Talimi Board has notified 30 November (5 December with late fee) as the last date for submission of the new examination forms for the 2012 exams which will now be held under the new pattern.

Under the new pattern compulsory Hindi and compulsory Urdu have been added to the Munshi/Maulvi course [recognized as equivalent to the High school exam]. Similarly, five additional subjects (English, Hindi, Urdu, general science/home  science, and social studies) have been added to the Alim examination [recognized as equivalent to the Intermediate exam]. This is on top of the customary oriental subjects to be studied by the Alim candidates. 

It is not clear yet what new job prospects will be created for these madrasa certificate-holders.

According to complaints published in the letters column of some Urdu newspapers, the examinations to be conducted by the Madrasa Talimi  Board for 2011-12 appear to be in doldrums. Past experience of conduct of these exams right from the setting of question-papers to the holding of exams at the centres shows utter indifference of the authorities of the Board towards these matters. For instance, centres are announced very late.  There is sudden change of centres which causes a lot of inconvenience to the candidates. There is lack of invigilating staff at the centres. The examiners and invigilators have not been paid their due remuneration which causes heartburn among them. There is lack of space and provision of facilities like fans and cool water at these centres.  Computers provided to the madaris are in disarray and nobody bothers about their repair. the most serious complaint  is about misbehaviour towards the girls appearing for exams at these centres by the anti-social elements intruding from the outside. There is nobody to check them or report them to the police. Lady staff is never posted at such centres. Moreover, the utter indifference of the Board towards the ongoing examinations is shown by the absence of any observers deputed by the Board to these centres. It’s high time that the attention of the Board and the Government is drawn to the utter mismanagement in the conduct of these oriental examinations.


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