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07/30/2016 6:13:05
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SC directs the trial court to determine whether Gujarat CM be probed , asks SIT to file its report in the lower court on 2002 Gulbarg Society case,Big relief to Modi.

Will a trial court in Gujarat ever prosecute Modi?

Zadafia seeks President Pratibha Patil’s intervention in the Lokayukta issue.

It is premature to talk of either clean chits or indictments: Amicus curiae

[Bismillahnews.in-12-09-11-Updated-14-09-15-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] The Indian Express has reported that SC has directed SIT to file the report which it has filed with this bench in the lower court.SC has also directed the trial court to determine whether Gujarat CM should be probed? This order by the SC clearly shows that the SC has absolved its duty in reffering the SIT report to lower court.Secondly it has directed the trial court to ascertain whether Modi is guilty or not in the Gulberg Society Murder of former MP Late Ehsan Jafri as alleged by his wife Zakia Jafri before the Hon’ble Courts[ Disappointed over SC verdict: Zakia Jafri ].

Zakia Ahsan Jafri in company of Lady Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq , visits her Gulberg Society flat were alongwith 69 others her husband was burnt to death by rioters. As long as Teesta handles Gujarat riot case Communal Hindus are safe. Photo: Courtesy DNA.

Why did the SC at the time of filing of the SIT report months back did not order SIT to go to lower court?The SC could have asked the trial court to give its opinion in the light of evidence before it with in a time frame to SC,Why the SC put the onus on trial court to take a decision on a question on which it is more competent in law?[ Video: Gulbarg case: Tanvir Zafari speaks on Modi's SC relief ][ Teesta contests BJP''s claim on SC verdict on Modi IBNLive.com ]

Trial court must hear riot charge against Modi: Supreme Court

It seems the Govt. has been under pressure of Fascist led by LK Advani to grant relief to Modi,which it has done.[ God is great: Narendra Modi ]The Delhi High Court blasts if seriously probed has all the stamp of the work of the Saffron Fascist forces[ There are overt signs of Hindu terror: CRS ] like in several earlier blasts in the country.[ BJP vindicated, no proof against Modi: Jaitley  ]The blackmailing by these Hawala tainted Hindutva champions to even force parliament in case of Anna Hazare Fast and now the Govt. in case of Modi has been noted.[ Modi's role in national politics will be much larger, says relieved BJP ]The Rath Yatra of Advani is a further step by the Castiest and Communal leader to save himself and his co-conspirators Hindutva brigade involved in bomb blasts and corruption of the highest scale.On one hand the US is accusing Hindutva of complicity in terror blasts in India and in the same breath in the same report it praises the Killer of thousands of Gujrati Muslims[ Modi lobby gets an American handle ].India is a strange land west would realize its mistake in its blind support of a fascist embedded to a religion whose even Gods[ More than 125000 ] carry weapons. No match for Rahul: Cong

Prime Minister with Future Prime Minister ? Delhi abhi dur hai. If exonerated, Modi likely to shift to national stage

Trial court to decide if Modi needs to be probed: SC

The party which even made money on coffers of soldiers is taking out a well planned targeted Rath Yatra against corruption.Shri LK Advani was recently caught on camera along with his PA Deepak Chopra instructing a chief minister of his party how to end Baba Ramdev’s fast against corruption.The entire Anna Hazare team is protected by RSS and the movement against corruption is a ploy to overthrow a democratic government to suit the foreign masters of Sangh Parivar [Israel,US,West,World Bank i.e.the Freemasons].

Modi at Sarkhez Dargah? Really nobody Knows the history of this Dargah,but popular belief is it has Gujarati Hindu Architecture in its Mosque,with flat domes and Hindu temple style pillars.

The earlier Rath yatra allegedly for Ram Mandir was Yatra against Mandal Commission.By playing Anti-Muslim card Advani in his earlier yatra tried to weave the Backwards,the Dalits,the tribal,the Sikhs,Sindhi’s,a section of saffronized Muslim workers in the bead of Ram Temple.But he failed miserably.As in 1996.1998,1999,2004,2009 his party went to the Indian electorate by the Compromising on all the Communal issues which it monopolizes.

Innocent bystanders clicked for publicity at Swaran Jayanti Function.Even Hitler had Jews in his Army,so every party in India has a Minority Cell.

Thousands of Silver Idols of Ram and Sita,lakshman,Durga,Jhulelal and Hanuman gifted to him during Ayodhya Rath Yatra weighed in tons.As per the details in now retracted Affidavit before Liberhan Commission in 2000,by his son Jayant’s first wife Advocate Gauri Sabrawal,LK Advani got all the Idols melted into Silver at the workshop of a Mumbai based Jeweler.Advani ji thank you very much if a yatra starts from Somnath Mandir and ends up melting thousands of Idols what else do Muslims would want? You did what even a Mahmud Ghazni could’nt do,we hope your yatra against corruption will do more favours to us,as the Anti-Muslim agenda behind your yatra against corruption makes it a Rath of corruption.


Gulberg case: Trial court to examine SIT report

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today asked SIT to file its report in the lower court on the 2002 Gulbarg Society case. The apex court directed the trial court to determine whether Gujarat CM should be probed in the case.

Sixty nine people, including Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, were killed by a rioting mob in Ahmedabad on February 28, 2002.

In February, the SIT team headed by former CBI Chief RK Radhavan submitted a 600 page report in sealed envelope to the Supreme Court. CNN-IBN and Tehelka had accessed its details. The report posed several embarrassing questions for Modi, but said the evidence was not strong enough to prosecute him.

What the SIT reports says:

- The government’s reaction to the violent attacks on Muslims in Gulburg society and Naroda Patiya was not the type expected of anyone.

- Chief Minister Narendra Modi tried to water down the seriousness of the situation at Gulburg society and Naroda Patiya by saying every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

- The report also criticised Modi for appointing pro-VHP advocates as public prosecutors in the riot cases.

- It said Modi had not visit riot-affected areas though he was at Godhra on Feburary 27, 2002.

- It also said the government destroyed wireless records of police conversations on that fateful day. 

The report also criticised the role of bureacrats and cabinet ministers members but it failed to satisfy the apex court which then asked the new amicus curie Raju Ramachandran to see if there were lapses in the SIT report and suggest further course of action.

Ramachandran visited Ahmedabad and met police officers and submitted a status report in a sealed envelope in July this year.

The Supreme Court’s ruling will have ramifications both for Narendra Modi personally and for the BJP as a political party


SC to decide Modi’s fate in Gulberg

Society case

Indo-Asian News Service New Delhi, September 11, 2011


Gulbarg Society. This was once a lively locality of 19 bungalows and ten flats housing upper middle class business families. It is located in a predominantly Hindu area in Ahmedabad. This is where 38 people, including former Congress Member of Parliament Ehsan Jaffri, were killed in the post Godhra riots. Many others like Parsi couple Rupa and Dara Mody’s son Azhar, went missing. Theirs is the story film Parzania was based on. Those who survived the massacre moved out to other parts of the state. Their homes here stand abandoned. Except for a small mosque on the premises and a few labourers who spend the night here there is hardly any sign of life. Just an eerie silence that screams ‘Murder’.

The Supreme Court on Monday is likely to pronounce its verdict on a petition alleging deliberate inaction on the part of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi at the time of the Gulberg Society carnage during the 2002 Gujarat riots.
The petition was filed by Zakia Jaffri, widow of 

parliamentarian Ehsan Jaffri who was killed in the incident. 

She alleged some of Modi’s cabinet colleagues and high ranking state officials were also at fault for not preventing the incident.

In Gulberg Society carnage 37 people,including the former Congress MP Jafri, were killed. The rampaging mob that were targeting members of a particular community in the Ahmedabad neighbourhood which was set on fire on February 28, 2002.

An apex court bench of justice DK Jain, justice P Sathasivam and justice Aftab Alam reserved its order in the case July 28. Reserving the order, the court said that it would pass necessary directions for the future course of investigation.

On April 27, 2009, the apex court asked the special investigation team (SIT) headed by former Central Bureau of Investigation director RK Raghvan to "look into" the complaint of Zakia Jaffri alleging involvement of 63 people, including the chief minister, for their inaction during the Gulberg Society carnage.



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