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07/28/2016 9:25:24
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Andhra Pradesh Anti-Muslim riot in Adoni,Kurnool.

Curfew declared after 100 Injured,one dead,two serious.8Lorries,15 Shops,35 two wheelers and places of Muslim worship attacked and abused.

[Bismillahnews.in-05-09-6-09-11-Hyderabad-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] A strong Congress Government is no deterrent to Anti-Muslim riots in and around hyderabad,as the recent increase in continued attacks on Muslims life and property have increased many folds.The riots in Adoni town of Kurnool district of hyderabad are third in the Ganesh Festivities.MUSLIMS NEED TO SERIOUSLY PONDER OVER DEVELOPING EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE ARMY TO PROTECT THEIR LIFE’S AND PROPERTY,THE CONSTITUTION PERMITS THEM FOR THIS. Earlier Reports from hyderabad city,Narainpet, also confirmed 50 youths shouting communal slogans attacked houses of Muslims with stones and destroyed the glasses of a Scorpio car belonging to them.Two motor bikes collided in the path of a religious procession,spreading rumors that an Idol has been destroyed resulting in rioting by youths from 7pm to 10pm.The youths have been identified by police and action will be taken.Muslim shops were also attacked along with their houses in Haji peth mohalla.Another communal land grabbing of Muslim land adjacent to 400 years old Jama Masjid and Graveyard in Nizamabad Mandal area has come to light resulting in heavy tension among Muslims.An Idol has been installed on the vacant land of Muslims adjacent to Jama Masjid and worship and puja etc is on since yesterdays religious festival.Locals Muslims have filed an FIR and police action is expected.

More than 100 have been reported injured in one sided police firing on Muslims.Two injured are in serious condition.The local hospital in Adoni town could not provide relief to so many injured,many had to be transported to Kurnool city.In Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra on the Eid day a similar large scale Anti-Muslim riot by Shiv Sena resulted in 2 dozen Muslim shops burnt.

The details emerging from Adoni are similar,first the administration allowed the Ganesh procession from the Muslim pocket of Adoni for the first time.Many now say this was deliberate to let the mischief mongers attack Muslim business which flourished as wholesale market.The huge procession had 90% Drunken youths who first tried to enter Jama Masjid at 3 PM,insulted the premises of Jama Masjid then on entering Muslim localities and market place started looting whole sale big Muslim shops of Adoni town,then few mischief mongers entered Madina Masjid in drunken state and destroyed the Janamaaz by burning them and many Muslim where beaten inside the mosque by the mob,property of Masjid was destroyed.The few policeman escorting the Ganesh procession fled were untraceable.For three hours the Ganesh procession looted and destroyed dozens of Muslim properties including places of worship.This open loot and plunder of Muslims stopped after three hours when police arrived and 144crpc was declared.The police only fired on Muslims resulting in injuries to more than three dozens.Many police man were also injured when mob of Ganesh procession attacked them by bricks.A lady DSP who was present when ordered his dozen juniors to stop the rioters was not obeyed by his staff. The procession of 500-600 hundred destroyed goods inside Masjid Madina and indulged in destruction of Masjid.The Muslim hotel adjacent to the Madina Masjid was burnt to ashes.Section 144 was initially ordered but the Mischief mongers were determined to totally destroy and loot big Muslim showroom of electronic goods,mobile phones and cloths. After looting they set them on fire.small kiosks too were burnt.The roads bore a horrible view of mayhem with brick pieces, burnt motorcycles, theaylas, water tankers, auto rickshaws, and vehicles burnt lying all around.The holy symbol of Gaus e Azam [RA] was also targeted at many places.The SP police has confirmed one death.

SP Shiva Prasad has also been injured in brick batting in his leg.Two reporters were hospitalized,their camera’s destroyed by the mob.Our sources have confirmed the attack being planned one being led by Dalip Singh son of former president of corporation Dev Raj. Dalip is associated with communal Hindu Vahini.The Ganesh procession route was changed this year, every year it takes main Adoni road but this year it took road front of Jama Masjid and Muslim dominated areas like Fareed saheb Mohalla,Qazipura, Khateebpura and Tankpura,The Muslim dominated area around Jama Masjid suffered the most,15 Muslim shops of cloths were burnt,8 lorries,35 scooter and motorcycles and innumerable bandies were burnt by rioters. they also entered Muslim houses and misbehaved with women.At this time of the day most of the men were not at home.The Ganesh procession at ASR Namaaz gathered in front of Madina Masjid and started playing loud music and songs and dancing,when objected by Namazi’s they entered Madina Masjid and Mayhem started. It seems this area had been carefully chosen by rioters to target at a time when most of the men were out for work, secondly the low presence of policeman along with the procession and thirdly the change in the route of the procession all point towards a well co-ordinated conspiracy between the mischief mongers and the police.The National press as usual has ignored in reporting this organized Anti-Muslim attack.
Update[08-09-11] 0ne sided searches and arrests in Muslim localities at odd hours of the night were reported,even when the curfew is on Muslim residential and commercial properties have been damaged and burnt to ashes.Police entered at late night in the Muslim houses and took children and men to unknown destination.The family members were not informed despite family ladies asked the policemen where they were being taken,members of one such family have shared that as per their knowledge police have taken the family members to unknown place and they are being tortured.The Muslim youths  were arrested and booked under various crpc sections [147,148,332,427,307,153A r/w with section 149 IPC] and given in judicial custody. One sided action by police has resulted in 61persons [56 Muslims and 5 non-Muslim gypsies] being arrested,Muslim business and property worth 100 crores have been lost.Kurnool is known for textiles mills,cotton mills, Oil factories and daily transaction of at least 20 crores.Income loss of 100 crores has been estimated in these one sided riots.Peace committees have been formed by police to bring the situation back to normal.Muslims in large numbers are migrating from Adoni with businesses looted houses burnt and police atrocities they are left with no option.This festival of Ganesh will long be remembered byMuslims of Adoni for this planned destruction of Muslim properties and business by Hindu Vahini elements with the help and protection of police.
Update[11-09-11] There are 33 Masjids where Juma Namaaz takes place in Adoni,this friday Juma was offered in none.The situation remains tense with curfew still in place in Muslim localities.Yesterday Curfew was relaxed twice and no untoward incident was reported,there is every possibility that tomorrow by noon the Curfew relaxation time period be increased.The entry of outsider’s has been banned by the administration,this has effected the intended relief work which is immediately required among the victims,as the administration is biased and virtually it has no plan to reach those physically injured, those Psychologically paralyzed after loss of their family members,their established businesses and houses.Doctors, Psychologists and Medicine’s in large numbers are required for months.The approaching winters will further aggravate problems of those families effected and they do not have place to take shelter.The schooling of children would be affected. The single most relief which is immediately required is legal help to the family members of more than 200 hundred Muslim youths still in judicial custody under false charges.Until some people who are human and are local Non Muslims come forward to co ordinate this relief with the administration to the effected victims,any relief reaching the victims of Adoni seems remote.

High alert sounded in city

Curfew in Adoni as 50 hurt in clash

Violence flares up again in Adoni

Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui

Chief Editor, www.bismillahnews.in






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