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07/24/2016 6:15:42
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Shahrukh Khan Medical College and Hospital on Delhi Waqf Land  

22-06-12 Facebook Profile of Rajiv Shukla : Photo taken by Gauri Khan of me n Shahrukh in London at their home where he was shooting for Yash Raj Films

[Bismillahnews.in-16-07-12-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] A minority medical college in the heart of New Delhi on Delhi Waqf Board land has announced admission through a front page advertisement [Below] in Delhi Edition of Zionist supported Urdu Publication owned and run by Sahara Group "Daily Urdu Sahara" dated 15-07-12.

The advertisement provided working 8 hrs to Muslims readers in India and abroad to apply for admission in the MBBS course the medical college is offering.

Actor Shahrukh Khan Grabs Waqf land 

The name of the college is of a cheapster who happens to be a "Muslim" and has used his Muslim name to grab Delhi Waqf Board land to open up an education shop in heart of capital. Acres of waqf land has been given to him free for this project on the dictates of Delhi’s Chief Minister Shiela Dixit.

Smells Scam of Hundreds of crore

Sources close to Shiela Dixit claim one former Mayors family has been Instrumental in getting this waqf land to Shahrukh Khan.The present value of the land as per market rates is priceless may be more than 10,000 crore which has been doled out to Mr.Khan with out any charges.The "poor" Delhi Waqf Board in the same issue of the Newspaper Urdu Daily Sahara has published an [Below] Advertisement appeal for help as its financial condition is precarious.


Mateen Ahmed MLA and Tajdar Babbar

Source close to these leaders vouches that Shahrukh Khan has paid under the table anything between 100-200 crore to get this Delhi Waqf Land allotted in his name.

Conspiracy to Privatize and Corporatise Muslim Waqf’s 

On one hand Delhi waqf Board announces by printing advertisements as above in Newspapers read mainly by Muslims that because large scale Delhi Waqf Board properties are under illegal and unauthorized encroachments the Board is not able to generate revenues to fulfill its responsibilities of wages to Imams, stipend to widows etc..etc.On the factual side the Congress government in Delhi and its MLA’s are doling out priceless commercial properties to Actors embedded to Congress party and Nationalism [Hindutva].The Congress Lead UPA Government has number of times announce that 123 prime Delhi Waqf properties would be released to Waqf Board but nothing has happened.The Waqf Board Advt.Appeal also has invited suggestion from public what to do under the present state of affairs.This writer from his experience and sixth sense is sensing more danger to Muslim Waqf and this appeal has been made to privatize and corporatize Muslim Waqf as "secular profitable " corporation.The Shahrukh Khan Medical College and Hospital has interestingly mentioned in its advertisement that its contact office is also in Yogmaya Temple?

Hospital and College on Muslim Waqf Land under Minority quota to benefit whom?

Shahrukh Khan obviously is a UPA man and his key man Rajiv Shukla MP ,Minister and BCCI office bearer is Gandhi families Man friday. Rajiv Shukla’s patronage to King Khan in their special relationship of Mutual benefit not only in corporate cricket but in privatization of Medical facilities runs to his visit to Shahrukhs house in London as a Parliamentary Affairs Minister,below photograph is at London house last month.How Shahrukh Khans Medical college and hospital got single window clearance should not be a envied by other Film actors as in return poor Shah rukh Khan has do quite a lot of of dirty and hard work to "satisfy" his rewarding friend Rajiv Shukla. 

Union Minister in Partnership with Shahrukh projects

King Khan is believed to be partnering Queer Rajiv Shukla in not only their relationship but also in IPL and News Channel Business of Shukla Family run by his wife and brother in laws.It is a matter of surprise that Team Anna which has charged many UPA Union Ministers have spared Rajiv Shukla who is also a brother in law of BJP spokesman and former Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

College for Rich on property donated for benefit of poor Muslims

The Medical college admission advertisement directs NRI aspirants to chaiman whose mobile number is given to selects students in management quota category.Till present nothing has been mentioned about number of seats for Muslims reserved in general category.Already Congress supported Owaisi family in Hyderabad was given clearance for a Medical College,Hospital and Engineering college alongwith a cooperative Bank after the entire MIM party supported Narsimha Rao in Demolition of Babri Masjid.The MIM makes crores from NRI Muslim students in lie of Admission.Same practice would be persued in shahrukh college also where only rich will find admission in the college built on Waqf property for the benefit of poor Muslims.

Jihad to protect Muslim lands

Will this Shukla and Shahrukh Khan relationship eat away priceless Muslim Waqf Land ? Is Shahrukh a Muslim in any sense to claim benefits of being a Muslim? Will the corruption by Politicians in Delhi Waqf Board continue ? Are the rich and powerful above law ? Will all this force Muslim youths to Jihad to protect their life,honor and properties being encroached by Non-Muslims because deviation from Quranic teachings is slowly leading Muslims in India to a second citizens life of dishonor and disrespect in every sense until they cease to embrace Hinduism of King Khan Style.

Warning: face Allahs curse 

Well Well in eyes of Allah this entire world and Universe has no value compared against the life and honor of Muslim with Emaan. If Emaan is in danger then the violators would be at loss.The Manmohan Singh Government and it Dalals are warned not to play with the Emaan of Muslims.The Muslim Waqf Land given to Shahrukh Medical College and Hospital must be returned to Delhi Waqf Board and the building should be demolished.Both the Union Minister and Shahrukh must be arrested for corruption along with congress MLA Mateen Ahmed and Tajdar Babbar.Chief Minister Shiela Dixit should be immediately removed and enquiry initiated against her corrupt government.

Allah curse will fall on all those who support encroachment of the rights of beneficiaries of Islamic Auqaaf.One accomplice of Noida Industrialist who encroached upon a graveyard to build an Appu Ghar has gone half mad other corrupt Muslims who accepted cash from the encroacher are facing life battling diseases and those who have managed make buildings on Graveyard lands in many parts of New Delhi find cockroaches in their houses refusing to leave despite all treatments.


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