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03/31/2015 10:19:41
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Chief Editor: Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui 



Who will lynch Thakur Rajnath Singh the rapist from Mirzapur ?

Rahul Mehra spokesman of AAP on Barkha Dutt NDTV program says our policy to rule Delhi will be " Cooperation not Confrontation with popular Mr.Modi " - AAP has accepted to be "B" team of BJP.

Kejriwal Plays Zionist corporate card of Islamophobia in Delhi elections

Kejriwal :It was a mistake to contest Lok Sabha elections: Kejriwal is controlled by RSS…see how AAP Jhadoo is controlled by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat

RSS owned Media/TV Channels run Kejriwals AAP ahead of all in Delhi…why ?

Congress Party’s National office bearer Meem Afzal issues call to Secular Votes to say no to AAP and BJP shadow boxing: Vote for Congress

Delhi Assembly Elections : It’s RSS verses India

2015 AAP Manifesto ignores Muslim minorities

Text from US President Obama’s Cairo speech dated 4th June 2009….In India speeches Jan’2015 he distanced himself from his Muslim background….why ?

Obama enjoys day which the people of Kashmir mark as Black Day

Death of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and Zionist Propaganda against Saudi Monarchy 

BJP plays Anti-Pakistan card to win Delhi elections : Pakistan International Airlines [PIA] New Delhi Office forcibly taken over by Modi government’s Anti-Muslim hate Agenda to promote Islamophobia.

Obama’s New Delhi visit:life in threat News story by Bismillahnews.in : China IP address tries to break into our website

President of USA should cancel his New Delhi Visit : Obama’s life has serious threat from the Modi government … 

CIA’s B Team Al Qaida claims credit for Paris false flag

C.I.A. behind Paris False Flag…alleges former Regan associate and associate Editor of Wall Street Journal

Mahatma Gandhi stripped Naked to honor Sanghi PM Modi’s hate for Father of the Nation

Post on You Tube exposes the Paris false flag

Paris attack is false flag

Modi and Amit Shah are free but Lakhvi is behind bars … better Rule of law in sponsored terrorism struck Pakistan

Modi government again caught naked in Suicide Terror Boat false flag terror attack

Varanasi Lok Sabha Elections :ECI disposes complaint against Modi, directs the complainant to contact the concerned booth level officer

False flag censor of Anti-India websites carrying ISIS propaganda … New year Islamophobia back fires on Modi government

2015 collapse of self rule in India…India run by foreign corporate’s via Murders and Islamophobes

Conversion to Hindu Raj - By A.G. Noorani

Islamic Pakistan is the target post Peshawar false flag terror conspiracy

Who was behind 2009 Peshawar bombings resulting in 119 deaths several hundred injured…? And Who is Now responsible..?

British Channel 4 News is embedded Zionist propaganda , Mehndi Masroor Biswas arrest is PART of India centric International Islamophobia campaign

UBER is tip of the iceberg of MODI/Manmohan governments corruption by allowing rouge Corporate’s in name of reforms and liberalization

Capital punishment under Islamic Sharia is the only solution to put an end to rapes in India

Delhi’s Shahjahani Jama Masjid under occupation of Anti-Islam , Anti-Muslim Bukhari and company

What is the relationship of Raddan Khan , Tazneen Fatima Khan and Mulayam Singh Yadav…? 

Demotion of Harsh Vardhan , inclusion of fascist criminal Giriraj Singh exposes the skeleton of corruption behind political Hindutva of corporate BJP and Congress Nexus.

Defeat of Obama and Modi’s reshuffle of Defence Minister and the cabinet….RSS’s Islamophobia to be open part of Modi Government …change of course or total freedom from Obama ?

Modi Governments hand in Wagah border bomb blast - Hafiz Saeed

Dangerous web on Jama Masjid Delhi’s future - infighting among Bukhari brothers -Shahi Jama Masjid Delhi under threat

Truth and only the truth … what is the reality in the kerosene attack on Imam Ahmed Bukhari the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid ?

"Noble peace or Islamophobia " award ?…shame … shame

YES TO PALESTINE … Victory for the Hamas … peace for GAZA and West Bank… now Israel will be booked by Palestine for crimes against humanity…Inshallah.

Islamophobe Modi at UNGA plus meeting Obama and Netanyahu - Bilderberg’s agenda of Illuminati’s India Islamophobia

"Muslim" Urdu Weekly Nai Dunya embeds Army propaganda on Kashmir " Floods"

Islamophobia politic’s spells doom for MODI - CNN Interview back fires

Hitler Modi launched in action in Occupied Kashmir : Hindu Army occupies Indian Army

Genocide in Kashmir - Why the world is silent ?

Water Terrorism by MODI against Kashmir…Ram Ram Terrorism by Modi’s Army… Looting Wakf Terrorism by Modi’s government

HAARP behind floods in POK and J&K ? Neither Modi Sharief nor Sharief Modi people friendly

PM Modi caught red handed in Japan toasting with liquor at a luncheon

Bad Luck for Japan - Modi means death…it sounds death

Looters in India and Japan join hands - Israel behind the deal

Gaza babies celebrate surprising declaration of truce and Gaza celebrates Victory

Wikipedia refuses to add prefix/suffix of Prophet and PBUH respectively before and after the name of Prophet Muhammed PBUH

Zionist Media is targeting Israeli citizens with pack of lies to justify Netanyahu’s barbaric killings in GAZA and relaunching of aerial bombing

Modi government creating Islamophobia by using Pakistan-Kashmir issue for votes in domestic assembly elections in J&K.

Nationalist Desh Premi Prime minister MODI forgets in Independence Day Oratory Sikh Indian citizens abducted by ISIS in IRAQ - Why are Sikhs being discriminated by Nationalist MODI ?

Independence day speech:Modi hiding his incompetence behind the issues of Rape and Toilets

Modi’s first "Independence Day" puts India under slavery of Israeli and American Zionist corporate’s

Loss of 60 IDF soldiers forces Izrael to close Operation Protective Edge - Major blow by Hamas to Zionist Army 

Israel or Izrael?

Indian Resistance Party Inshaallah will continue its online campaign against these Anti-Muslim policies.

Genocide and Eid Mubarak ?

An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

Indian Parliaments Upper house [Rajya Sabha] controlled by Congress Party bows its head before fascist Narendra Modi government’s decision to support Israeli

After keeping silent for 67 years finally the "Ulemas" have woken up and realized that Zionists are doing some thing which needs to be taken note off ?

Secular Muslim,Journalist and Activist Dr.Maheruddin Khan targeted by Sangh Parivars divisive Agenda of Hate,Criminal Communal rouge’s take over Indian state…no rule of law…fascism in action…it has to be fought head on…to save India and its Secular Democracy

Gaza and lessons for Indian Muslims …Bleeding Indian Gaza’s in Kashmir,Muzaffarnagar, Gujarat and Assam

Jaitley’s Budget is a Scam of Fraudulent concealment of 58,000 crore of deficit annually a loss deliberately caused to the National assets of the country.

Meet Amit Shah - The Taripaar President of BJP

Liberate South Block

Failure of MODI government that it could not protect its citizens and their Jobs in IRAQ…

Ye desh hai Andhey logon ka - Aey chand yahan na nikla kar - Habib Jalib

MODI fears Black Friday in Srinigar Jammu on Ramadan’s First Friday

MODI Governments hate for Islam and Muslims…Foxy Ramadan Greetings ?

Fascist Agenda ; Either you are with us or you are our enemy : Modi Government targets Independent Judiciary by targeting Gopal Subramaniam

US-Sponsored Terrorism in Iraq and US-Sponsored Terrorism in Iraq

Communist Zionist propaganda War against Islam and Muslims of Iraq via London and New Delhi Newspapers - Patrick Cockburn’s slanderous article in Independent and The Times Of India





News & Analysis


Libya rivals hold unity talks in Morocco 
28,000 have fled fighting in Tikrit, says the U.N. 
At key Ukraine flashpoint, both rebels and loyalists wait and worry 
ISIS threatens Afghanistan peace hopes
White House to Netanyahu: You created the crisis, you fix it 
NATO, Russia exchange barbs reminiscent of Cold War days 
PLO to end historic Israeli security agreement 
If the Middle East is the question, it is also the answer 
U.S. Syria strategy falters with collapse of rebel group 
The long history of Israel gaming the ‘Iranian threat’ 
ISIS: Newly formed, newly armed, newly funded 
The NRA’s stranglehold threatens the whole world 
11.6 million die annually due to diseases in OIC countries 
What drives a Muslim to leave his/her faith? 
Advice from Sayiduna Ali 

Modi Government part of Zionist Islamophobia Propaganda in Iraq - Blames Anti-India Jihad sentiment behind the Kidnapping of 40 Indian construction workers 

For Once, Not a CIA Plot ? The Isis Fiasco;

Fake Corporate Jihad Killing event organised by MOSSAD/CIA for photo opportunity.

56 Inches Chest ? Not a word by Modi to get the citizenship rights/ Human rights of Hindus chased out of Bhutan by Buddhist government.

Modified Industrialists pump in 40,000 crores in UP under Akhilesh Yadav - Modi’s gift to UP - Gujarat Model.

Is Saddam Hussein back in Iraq ? Nationalist forces in Iraq vow to take over government from western puppet regime of the Invaders

Modi Government behind Karachi Airport Attack,Why ?

India: Call for Black Band Protest on Saturday, 7th June 2014 — Killing of Innocent Muslim Youth in Pune by Hindu Rashtra Sena  

India for sale continues in NDA - 2.Regime of MODI an extension of PV Narasimha Rao regime of 1991-Vajpayee regime of 96,98,99 and Manmohan regimes of 2004,2009.

Lt.Governor Najeeb Jung Insults the Holy Quran by presenting it to a man .. who is the leader of those who burn the holy Quran and its followers in India. Shame …Shame

PM Chaddi wala with 56 inch chest licks his own spit right before the whole world….I swear to protect Mullay and their Masjid

Narendra Modi : Prime Accused of Genocide to take Oath as India’s Prime Minister today at Rashtrapati Bhawan - Black Day for Indian Democracy.

Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie not invited to MODI’s oath ceremony ?

The Sangh Parivar weeklies call for Muslim conversion - Agenda Modi Sarkar

Brahman Mullah ; Vote Bank agents of Fascist forces are bargaining individually for gains with MODI. Their silence and indirect support to ruler of the day exposes them. Any Government its usual business for them.

26th May Black day for Democracy - Boycott MODI oath ceremony- Jabir Zalim Qatil hukmarah MODI hum per Islam dushman taqaton ney ek mansoobaband sazish ker musallat kar diya hai.Musalmaan hargiz na ghabrain aur Ayatey Karima ka wird zayada sey zada tadaad mey karey.Inshallah es mardood ka bi fironi anjaam hoga.Aapas mey ettehaad qayam karein aur Namaaz ki ba jamaat pabandi karein.Dua Karein ki allah taala Zalimon sey hukumat ley kar munsif logon ko fayaz farma dey. AMEEN - Sohail Siddiqui

Assad wins presidential election; critics dismiss voting as a charade Vice president under Assad’s father says, ‘This is not a real election, and everyone knows that’

Face book selective by blocking tag facility for fortnight on Sohail Siddiqui’s facebook accounts of Bismillahnews,Indian Resistance Party and Wakf Protection and Restoration Movement pages

US scientists ‘hack’ India electronic voting machines

India officially goes in Anti-Muslim hands, in firm grip of Israeli’s and Crusaders.Jihad is the only way for us left as the state of India has been taken over by Anti-Muslim and Anti- Islamic forces.

Mukhtar Ansari and Afzal Ansari : Secret Deal with MODI-BJP in Varanasi ?

Why I am Contesting Varanasi Election against MODI,Kejriwal and others

Join me in Varanasi against MODIConsolidate Dalit Muslim Unity



Bukhari Brothers fight for the Moola - Muslims bartered - Sonia and Congress fool Muslims

Dr.Mufti Mukarram Shahi Imam Shahi Masjid Fatehpuri writes to Chief Editor Islami Digest HUDA

Mar Kisaan Mar Jawaan - Narendra Modi Interview to ETv - Admits Umbilical link with Hindu Rashtra Agenda embedded with Anti-Muslims,Anti-Dalit agendas.

The Ahmaq Patel of Sonia Gandhi - Say No to BJP and Congress Allianc

Its Congress gaining under Rahul Gandhi… If he is sincere in his fight against communal forces ?

Mamta Banerjee declares Modi BJP political Untouchable’s Danga party - Times Now Tv Interview with Arnab Goswami in Program Frankly Speaking

Urdu Channel Sahara Aalami Samey exposes AAP VOLUNTEERS role in pre meditated organized Violence

Jama Masjid Imam Supports US/Saudi intervention in Syria - Shady deal to let RSS linked Tv Channel cover live the visit of Imam e Haram 

Impotent 56 Inch ka Seena ? IMPOTENT MODI Pathan ko Gussa kyon Aata Hai ? … Subhaan Allah … Brahmani Channels … Sher hai you cannot match him 

AAP is biased in raising corruption issues ? Working to facilitate capture by MNC’s on Indian Markets

Aam Aadmi Party courting "Good Muslims" to reach Muslim voters - Billionaire Qureshi hijacks Kejriwal from Aam Aadmi

Right to Information R.T.I. IS ANTI-MUSLIM

Brahmani Parliament resolves to Balkanize India only to keep it United by Mantra of Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim policy

Clean chit to Mossad/C.I.A. Conspiracy in eliminating Rajiv Gandhi,former Prime Minister of India

Urdu Daily Aziz ul Hind promotes Indresh Kumar on his Birthday celebration by printing a press- note of his pocket Organization Muslim Rashtriya Manch

Powell and Modi : Anti-Muslim Hand shake - against Pakistan and Iran

Ambani Modi in Kejriwals noose,Corrupt Media, Political parties, join hands against APP, protect Congress and BJP embedded corrupt Ministers.

Reliance embedded Fixers Shukla and Jaitly , given clean chit in IPL Fixing Scam along with Srinivasan by Justice Mudgal Committee

 AAP Exposes Narendra Modi link with Aseemanand : Mundhra link to 164 cr Common Wealth Games Scam : NDTV behind the company promotion : LG Najeeb Jung former employee of Reliance EXPOSED must resign.

Senior Journalist Sukumar Muralidharan on the phenomena of "Hindutva Terror" in the context of the sensational confessions by Hindutva Activist Aseemanand

Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill passed by cabinet Corporate business groups,Modi and Congress join hands to Uproot AAP’s Delhi Government

India is a Racist Country - What the National Media says after brutal killing of Nido Taniam, a 20-year-old student from Arunachal Pradesh

 Modi and Congress "Charity" partners in thousands of crores : President’s Republic day attack on AAP attempt to shield the corrupt ?

Brahman Parties Practiced Terrorism against Sikhs and Muslims in 1984, 6th Dec’92 and Gujarat 2002, 2014 they are continuing their joint efforts under Modi,Rahul Gandhi and Mulayam Singh Yadav

President of India Republic Day message targeted against AAP ?

Why did Owaisi participate in an Anti-Muslim TV Channel Show ?

Arnab Goswami’s father Manoranjan Goswami belongs to BJP

Kejriwal and Aap are Anarchist Vigilantis ,Modi and Congress declare war against Aam Admi Party

Sonia Gandhi like any other mother protected her child [Rahul Gandhi] from being sacrificed - Modi

Sushil Sharma - 2 of the Brahmani Congress Party-She exposed his alleged adultery with a Pakistani journalist on Twitter and was Killed.

Rahuls-leadership-by-theatrics embedded with Islamophobia and  Anti-Muslim Zionist forces

Chaos in India : Consequences of Corrupt,Communal and Corporate Agenda of all political parties

REVEALED: SAS ADVISED 1984 AMRITSAR RAID - Brahmani Terrorism Unvealed - Indira the lady General Dyer - Times Now TV the Brahman Anti-Muslim show of Arnab Goswami

‘People die in palaces too,’ says UP minister on deaths in Muzaffarnagar relief camps

What Options Muslims have ? 2014 Would be the year of Resistance for Indian Muslims - 2013 repeats Godhra wounds to Muslims of India in Muzaffarnagar,Western U.P. 

Victims at Muzaffarnagar Refugee Camps threatened by Patwari and Pradhans to with draw F.I.R.’s in lieu of compensations

Muzaffarnagar’s Refugee Camps run over by UP Government Bulldozers

Muzaffarnagar : 400 more Refugee Victims ration card holders denied "govt. claimed" relief.

Rahul Gandhi Visit to Muzaffarnagar camps an attempt to stop UNHRC teams visit - RSS behind Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Muslim Refugee Camps

The Lokpal Bill is for Pubic Eye wash - Corrupt have Joined hands to Restrict entry to Elite corruption club by this Bill.

Open letter to all Brothers and Sisters Wake Up - Coverage by Sohail Siddiqui Chief Editor Bismillahnews of the Muzaffarnagar Anti-Muslim carnage from 9th September’13 to 15th September’13


Note:These all links we took from www.Islamicity.com
IslamicityCity in the Media
Yahoo! Internet Life | National Geographic | NBC | USA Today | More