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04/24/2014 4:47:20
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Bismillahnews.in was hacked on 5th Oct’ 2013 and since then we are unable to restore its functioning with most of its last 3 months data destroyed as a result of the attack .We hope our viewers would co-operate and wait for till the website is fully restored to proper functioning.

Chief Editor: Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui 




Mukhtar Ansari and Afzal Ansari : Secret Deal with MODI-BJP in Varanasi ?

Why I am Contesting Varanasi Election against MODI,Kejriwal and others

Join me in Varanasi against MODI Consolidate Dalit Muslim Unity



Bahujan Samaj Party best bet for Muslims in 2014 Lok sabha election, all other parties are Anti-Muslim in their actions when it comes to distribution of Tickets / Law and Order

Bukhari Brothers fight for the Moola - Muslims bartered - Sonia and Congress fool Muslims

Dr.Mufti Mukarram Shahi Imam Shahi Masjid Fatehpuri writes to Chief Editor Islami Digest HUDA

Mar Kisaan Mar Jawaan - Narendra Modi Interview to ETv - Admits Umbilical link with Hindu Rashtra Agenda embedded with Anti-Muslims,Anti-Dalit agendas.

The Ahmaq Patel of Sonia Gandhi - Say No to BJP and Congress Alliance

Its Congress gaining under Rahul Gandhi… If he is sincere in his fight against communal forces ?

Mamta Banerjee declares Modi BJP political Untouchable’s Danga party - Times Now Tv Interview with Arnab Goswami in Program Frankly Speaking

Urdu Channel Sahara Aalami Samey exposes AAP VOLUNTEERS role in pre meditated organized Violence

Jama Masjid Imam Supports US/Saudi intervention in Syria - Shady deal to let RSS linked Tv Channel cover live the visit of Imam e Haram 

AAP is biased in raising corruption issues ? Working to facilitate capture by MNC’s on Indian Markets

Salman Khursheed External Affairs Minister put under house arrest ? Or Has he Resigned ?

Impotent 56 Inch ka Seena ? IMPOTENT MODI Pathan ko Gussa kyon Aata Hai ? … Subhaan Allah … Brahmani Channels … Sher hai you cannot match him 

Aam Aadmi Party courting "Good Muslims" to reach Muslim voters - Billionaire Qureshi hijacks Kejriwal from Aam Aadmi

Right to Information R.T.I. IS ANTI-MUSLIM

Brahmani Parliament resolves to Balkanize India only to keep it United by Mantra of Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim policy

Clean chit to Mossad/C.I.A. Conspiracy in eliminating Rajiv Gandhi,former Prime Minister of India

Urdu Daily Aziz ul Hind promotes Indresh Kumar on his Birthday celebration by printing a press- note of his pocket Organization Muslim Rashtriya Manch

Escapist,Habitual Liar and Fake Martyr - Aam Aadmi nightmare is over 

Powell and Modi : Anti-Muslim Hand shake - against Pakistan and Iran

Ambani Modi in Kejriwals noose,Corrupt Media, Political parties, join hands against APP, protect Congress and BJP embedded corrupt Ministers.

Reliance embedded Fixers Shukla and Jaitly , given clean chit in IPL Fixing Scam along with Srinivasan by Justice Mudgal Committee

AAP ahead of all parties in transparent selection of candidates , Applications for 245 Lok Sabha seats closed in first stage.

AAP Exposes Narendra Modi link with Aseemanand : Mundhra link to 164 cr Common Wealth Games Scam : NDTV behind the company promotion : LG Najeeb Jung former employee of Reliance EXPOSED must resign.

Senior Journalist Sukumar Muralidharan on the phenomena of "Hindutva Terror" in the context of the sensational confessions by Hindutva Activist Aseemanand





News & Analysis


Ukraine: From crisis to catastrophe 
U.N. chief to Syria: Please don’t hold presidential elections 
What Germany left behind: The slow collapse of North Afghanistan 
U.S. troops head to exercises in Eastern Europe 
Ukraine orders military action in the east
Syria’s chemical weapons wild card: chlorine gas 
Obama runs China’s pivot gauntlet 
Signs of North Korean nuclear test preparations, says South 
U.S. force in Afghanistan may be cut to less than 10,000 troops 
Punishing Putin: Why Pentagon is cool to sanctions on Russian arms firm 
Palestinian reconciliation talks begin in Gaza 
Some states brace for Washington power outage 
March was one of the hottest on record - but not in U.S. 
The American middle class is no longer the world’s richest 
No-fly list used by FBI to coerce Muslims into informing, lawsuit claims 
A new Muslim renaissance is here 

Pol Khol Campaign on 2G opens doors for AAP in Tamil Nadu : Corruption issue to decimate DMK and AIADMK 

Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill passed by cabinet Corporate business groups,Modi and Congress join hands to Uproot AAP’s Delhi Government

India is a Racist Country - What the National Media says after brutal killing of Nido Taniam, a 20-year-old student from Arunachal Pradesh

 Modi and Congress "Charity" partners in thousands of crores : President’s Republic day attack on AAP attempt to shield the corrupt ?

Brahman Parties Practiced Terrorism against Sikhs and Muslims in 1984, 6th Dec’92 and Gujarat 2002, 2014 they are continuing their joint efforts under Modi,Rahul Gandhi and Mulayam Singh Yadav

President of India Republic Day message targeted against AAP ?

Why did Owaisi participate in an Anti-Muslim TV Channel Show ?

Arnab Goswami’s father Manoranjan Goswami belongs to BJP

Kejriwal and Aap are Anarchist Vigilantis ,Modi and Congress declare war against Aam Admi Party

Sonia Gandhi like any other mother protected her child [Rahul Gandhi] from being sacrificed - Modi

Sushil Sharma - 2 of the Brahmani Congress Party-She exposed his alleged adultery with a Pakistani journalist on Twitter and was Killed.

Rahuls-leadership-by-theatrics embedded with Islamophobia and  Anti-Muslim Zionist forces

Chaos in India : Consequences of Corrupt,Communal and Corporate Agenda of all political parties

REVEALED: SAS ADVISED 1984 AMRITSAR RAID - Brahmani Terrorism Unvealed - Indira the lady General Dyer - Times Now TV the Brahman Anti-Muslim show of Arnab Goswami

‘People die in palaces too,’ says UP minister on deaths in Muzaffarnagar relief camps

What Options Muslims have ? 2014 Would be the year of Resistance for Indian Muslims - 2013 repeats Godhra wounds to Muslims of India in Muzaffarnagar,Western U.P. 

Victims at Muzaffarnagar Refugee Camps threatened by Patwari and Pradhans to with draw F.I.R.’s in lieu of compensations

Muzaffarnagar’s Refugee Camps run over by UP Government Bulldozers

Muzaffarnagar : 400 more Refugee Victims ration card holders denied "govt. claimed" relief.

Rahul Gandhi Visit to Muzaffarnagar camps an attempt to stop UNHRC teams visit - RSS behind Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Muslim Refugee Camps

The Lokpal Bill is for Pubic Eye wash - Corrupt have Joined hands to Restrict entry to Elite corruption club by this Bill.

Minister Rehman Khan protecting Manikonda Jagir wakf encroacher Lanco Hills - Letter Exposes the Minister violating Supreme Court of India orders.

Open letter to all Brothers and Sisters Wake Up - Coverage by Sohail Siddiqui Chief Editor Bismillahnews of the Muzaffarnagar Anti-Muslim carnage from 9th September’13 to 15th September’13


Note:These all links we took from www.Islamicity.com
IslamicityCity in the Media
Yahoo! Internet Life | National Geographic | NBC | USA Today | More